David Griffiths - Cinema Heavy Mag

THE PENITENT THIEF Review...'The leader of the thieves played by a Russell Crowe-esque Stelio Savante...'

Janel Spiegel - Horror News

PRONOIA Review....'Stelio Savante (My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Avalance) has a resume that is endless. He’s played such a variety of characters. He’s a brilliantly talented actor'.

Billie Summers - Herald Dispatch

INFIDEL REVIEW....' Stelio Savante (“Ugly Betty,” “Running for Grace,” “Bernie the Dolphin”) as Pierre Barthes, who helps with couple from the inside, and every minute on stage, for him, is serious business.  Watch for him to get big (in Movieland) in a hurry.'

Sheilla O' Malley -

INFIDEL Review ...Infidel" is never dreary. Aided by excellent performances across the board by its international cast"

Marc Jason Ali - The Fan Carpet

NO POSTAGE NECESSARY REVIEW ...'Michael Beach as Harry and Stelio Savante as FBI Agent Ames enhance the story with ther roles,

providing well rounded performances.'

 Happy Bondi

(Amazon) Once We Were Slaves: 'Stelio Savante's career has traversed the globe not just in terms of location but also in cultural and psychological portraits that he brings to life on the screen and stage. To be an actor, you must understand humanity. Savante is a master of that. His recent work as Demas in Once We Were Slaves is an incredible piece of work.'

Entertainment Focus (Pip Ellwood Hughes)

Rapid Eye Movement (Amazon & iTunes): 'Stelio Savante, who was great in last year's The Cleaning Lady'.

Stephen Aspeling (South African film critic)

(Pop Matters & Vimeo) Pronoia: 'We're entranced by the mysterious man at the centre of Pronoia, Stelio Savante. His mercurial performance keeps us guessing, unsettled and on edge, waiting for him to explode with answers'

Sarah Bunting - Previously TV

AMC's The Making Of The Mob: 'Stelio Savante as Joe Masseria is reminiscent of James Gandolfini...I liked a certain gravitas-emblance to the FINI that I saw in Stelio...'

David Noh - Film Journal

(Netflix) Eisenstein In Guanajuato: 'The Outraged Sinclairs, Lisa Owen and Stelio Savante, memorable for their cartoonish portrayal.'

Diane Zoller Ciatto - The Examiner

AMC's The Making Of The Mob: 'Joe Masseria portrayed so well by Stelio Savante'

Jack Marino - LA Talk Radio

AMC's The Making Of The Mob: 'Stelio Savante who did a great job portraying Joe 'The Boss' Masseria' 


Stephen Aspeling (South African film critic)

(Netflix) Colors Of Heaven aka A Million Colours:'Savante’s experience shines through, adding weight to the ensemble as the dubious Major Shawn Dixon'

The Independent Film Critic (Richard Propes)

No Postage Necessary (Heartland Film Festival review) 'Michael Beach, as Harry, along with Stelio Savante, as Agent Ames,

and Raymond J. Barry, as Josie's father, are also particularly impressive. '

 Pop Matters

(Pop Matters & Vimeo) Pronoia: 'Stelio Savante has a strong sense of presence as a silent, almost introverted character'.

Paul Risker (British film critic)

Colors Of Heaven (Netflix) : 'If the hero is only as strong as the villain, then Stelio Savante’s Major Sean Dixon and Mpho Osei Tutu’s Bomba offer Muntu two compelling yet distinct antagonists...'       


Happy Bondi

(Netflix) Where The Road Runs Out: 'Isaach De Bankole, Juliet Landau and Stelio Savante each manage to bring a freshness and likeness to their characters they play along with a bit of twinkle in the eye. '

All About Mzansi South African Weekly Reviews by Nkanyiso Ncube

(Netflix) Colors Of Heaven aka A Million Colours:' 'The ever so engaging supporting acting role by Stelio Savante, who plays the character of apartheid’s law enforcer, Major Shawn Dixon.'

Dan Bullock for Critical Popcorn

(Amazon Prime) Avalanche: 'Nate’s a little insular but seems like a nice guy, this is purposeful and Savante plays it well.'

Daniel Dercksen for Showbiz Community

'There's also a fantastic performance by Stelio Savante as the menacing Major Dixon'

Clayton Morar Media

'Stelio Savante plays Major Shawn Dixon and has been called the ‘electric’ and a ‘scene stealer’




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